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We, Torlins Oil-Gas Equipment & Technologies Co., Ltd, are one of the most sophisticated suppliers of oil & gas equipment and technologies. Headquartered in Beijing, and a manufacture facility in Cangzhou, Hebei Province of PRC, we have built up an integrated production-marketing-sales network. Our main business covers drilling, production and transportation activities for oil & gas industry, including equipment supply, technical services, and technology consultant. With a wide range of products and services, we have a sales network covers all the main oil & gas production region, including Mid-east Area, North and South America, Africa, South East Asia, East Europe and Russia. We are not only provide products and technologies, also willingly to help our customers, suppliers, and individuals involved in oil & gas, to improve their business and profit.

Our Mission: Maximize the profit of customer, the value of industry, the welfare of society, and minimize the cost of environment.
Core Value: Quality is everything, the best we can provide for it is our time and patience.
Faith: Quality maybe not so “tall” as profit, but it is the stairs beneath our feet.

Our Products:

       Drilling Rig Accessories 

       Handling Tools

       Mud System  

       Drilling Strings

Production Equipment

Cementing Tools

Completion Tools

Fishing Tools


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