Basic Introduction of Junk Mill

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  • Basic Introduction of Junk Mill


Junk mill is a kind of milling tool used to grind well falling matter and repair the fishing top. There are generally flat junk mill, Wear flat shoes, mainly mill shoes, concave bottom junk mill, introducing junk mill and conical junk mill.

Oilfield junk mill is a tool made of YD alloy or wear-resistant materials for well falling objects grinding such as ground drills, cutters, bore gauges, safety power slips, washing pipe, deep well pump accessories, packer and other long drilling rig accessories.


Structure of junk mill

Junk mill is composed of mill and YD alloy block or other wear-resistant materials. The junk mill itself is comprised of two cylinders. Small cylinder upper portion is connected with drilling pipe through thread. There is sink in the bottom and side of the large cylinder. The sink in the bottom surface is welded with YD alloy (or wear-resistant material).


Working principle of junk mill

Oilfield junk mill relies on its YD alloy and wear-resistant materials on the bottom to eat into and grind the falling objects with the help of WOB, and the debris is brought out by circulating fluid to the ground. YD alloy consists of cemented carbide alloy and solder particles (base electrode), cutting of falling objects with rotation. Junk mill made of Tungsten steel powder is conducive to the use of larger WOB to grind the falling objects. 


Operation method of junk mill

Check whether drilling pipe is threaded, water hole is smooth before going down the well. YD alloy or grinding material may not exceed the diameter of the body. Then connect the junk mill to the bottom of the tool. When the washing stream comes out steadily, start turntable slowly and put down the drilling tools.


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