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Circulation system is designed to bring out the solid which broken by downhole drill in a timely in order to continue drilling, at the same time in order to prevent hole sloughing, lost circulation, such as drilling accidents, rotary drilling rig equipped with circulation system. Circulatory system including the drilling pump, the ground manifold, mud tank, mud purification equipment, such as ground manifold including high pressure manifold, riser, hose, mud purification equipment including vibration sieve, desander, desilter, centrifuges, etc. Drilling mud from the mud pump tank inhalation, after drilling pump pressurized mud, through high pressure manifold, riser, hose, into the faucet, through hollow drill down to the bottom, from the bit water way matching, the circular space between the wellbore and the drill cuttings to carry to return to the ground, from the bottom of mud by various mud purification equipment, remove solid content and then repeat use.   

Power unit. Drill power equipment has a diesel engine, ac motor, dc motor, we observed the scene of the drilling is diesel engine power. Hoisting system, circulatory system and rotation system is three big rig work unit, used to provide power, their coordination can complete the drilling operation, in order to the work unit, drill needs power equipment. Diesel engine for drilling Wells in remote areas, there is no grid ac motor depends on the industrial power grid or the need to send ac diesel engine, dc motor to drive the issue direct current (dc) direct current generator, diesel engine is more commonly used ac diesel engine drives the alternator, then through silicon controlled rectifier, an alternating current into direct current.

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