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When multiple cement truck in joint operations, wooden stoppers are pre-placed in the cementing head, upper cementing plug and lower cementing plug. Before cementing, the lower cementing plug is pre-put. When the cement slurry is in certain level, put the upper cementing plug. After cementing, shut down the gate on the cementing head to avoid leakage, and remove the coupling line. Wait on cement for 12 hours, and then check the return height in the detection, WOC 48 hours to have pressure test, check the cementing quality.

DSD double plug cementing head is common cementing equipment, used in in various cementing operations as the wellhead. Compared with the single plug cementing head, it lengthens the cementing head body, which can mount the upper and lower cementing plug.

DSD double plug cementing head has the following advantages.

  1. Simple structure, convenient operation, high pressure resistant.
  2. Trolins cementing head is in novel structure, reasonable design. The main body is made of high-strength alloy structural steel which can stand high pressure.
  3. Double plug cementing head is equipped with quick connector can be buckled with API buckle casing, connected with drilling pipe. It is applied in a wide range of fields.
  4. It can be used in a conventional two-plug cementing, also can be used for continuous bipolar cementing job.
  5. Leveraged indicator can indicate whether the cementing plug goes into the casing through the double plug cementing head. It is easy for operator to do the judgment.
  6. The double plug cementing head is equipped with balance tube, so that the pressure of the upper and lower ends of the cementing plug is the same in cementing process, eliminating the impact to the stop pins caused by negative pressure suction. It is easy to open the stop pin.
  7. As cementing head manufacturer, we offer oilfield cementing head in various models. Please contact us if you are interested.


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