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Elevator drilling can be classified into casing elevator drilling, tubing elevator drilling and drilling pipe elevator drilling.

Casing Elevator drilling is an indispensable tool used in oil and gas drilling operations to handle the drilling pipe. Casing elevator drilling is designed according to API Spec 8C technical specifications suitable for all kinds of drilling pipes. The maximum workload has 135t, 150t, 200t, 250t, 350t, 500t six series.

Torlins casing elevator drilling manufacturer products are made of special alloy steel. The features of light weight, small size and large load greatly reduce the work intensity of the user.

Casing Elevator drilling mainly is composed of the subject, the shutter, the latch assembly, special handles and other components. Torlins elevator drilling is special treated, so that the overall hardness level is evenly distributed.

Tubing elevator drilling is the special tools used in lifting or lowering the drilling string. Torlins oilfield elevator drilling manufacturer produces tubing elevator drilling suitable for hanging h1.9 "to 4 1/2" diameter tubing and a variety of corresponding external upset tubing.

Tubing Elevator drilling has many varieties. It is hard, excellent selection of the material, easy to operate, suitable for a variety of diameters of drilling pipe lifting work. The application of double insurance safety pin will prevent the falling off of the tubing which would cause accidents. We have made some transformation between locking ring and the handle, making the operation safer and more reasonable. Side-opening tubing elevator drilling is mainly used to broaden the load range of tubing elevator.

CD Side-open drilling pipe elevator drilling is an important tool for drilling oil wells, gas wells, exploration wells or hanging drilling pipe, casing by geological drilling sector. The main models are CD76 CD82 CD92 CD102 CD118 CD131 CD133 CD148. Trolins elevator drilling has undergone a rigorous strength tests and ultrasonic tests, in excellent structural strength.

As an elevator drilling supplier, our products are dealt with special surface treatment to increase the wear resistance, making the elevator drilling life greatly increased. 

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