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Iron roughneck is composed by the main tong, back tong and spinner. It can buckle on / shackle pipe in a diameter range of 2-7 / 8 to 10, and all these operations are integrated in a pneumatic control box. A press on the button can complete all operations. At the same time, the pneumatic control box can be installed in a safe place, realizing remote control.

In automated oil drilling production system, oilfield iron roughneck is the most advanced shackle device connects drilling pope and drilling collar. As one of the most important automated devices in oilfield handing tools, oilfield iron roughneck greatly improves the productivity and safety while drilling.

Telescopic arm (MiniScope) used to locate the Iron roughneck is a compact, lightweight device. It achieves stretching and pushing force with the help of telescopic girder driven by hydraulic cylinder to promote iron roughneck buckle on when reaches the wellhead. Oilfield iron roughneck will be pulled back to the resting position after finished.

Iron roughneck has outstanding performances.

The main clamp torque output can reach to 100,000ft-lbs, spinner torque can reach 3,000ft-lbs. What’s more, iron roughneck spinner has a maximum speed of 53 rev / min, significantly reducing the operation time.

And oilfield iron roughneck does little damage to drilling pipe. Three tong heads hold drilling pipe tightly with coupling automatically centered, which eliminates the shear stress on the drilling pipe. It produces shallow bite marks.

Usually iron roughneck is pneumatically remote controlled, providing a safer place to operate.

The positioning arm can push / pull iron roughneck and return it to the wellhead.

Oilfield iron roughneck is safe and simple to operate. All functions are integrated in the control box.

Iron roughneck is reliable. There are few rotating parts. The failure rate is very low.

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