Mud Pump-Precautions in Using

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Mud pump-operating procedures
1.    Check before starting: each connecting portion to be fastened; motor direction of rotation should be properly; clutch is flexible and reliable; pipe connections are secure and reliable seal, foot valve is flexible and effective.
2.    Before starting, suction tube, foot valve, the pump body must be filled with water and the upper end of the buffer is filled with oil pressure gauge.
3.    Let the piston reciprocates twice by hand rotation. Before starting, determine line insulation is good. After the start, to be operating normally and then gradually increase the load.
4.    Note that sealing case of each of the sealing. If necessary, be adjusted.  Rod and sub-rod often coated with oil lubrication.
5.    Mud sediment concentration should not exceed 10% in operation process.
6.    If the mud pump have several levels of speed, run separately in each class will run a few levels of speed, at all times less than 30 seconds to make reliable splash lubrication.
7.    It is strictly prohibited that change spend when the machine is operating.

 mud pump
Mud pump- matters needing attention
Before the mud pump power, check the inlet and outlet pipes for obstructions, whether front and rear bearing is filling yellow oil.  Mud pump should be equipped with high-pressure water pump. Pump the water which pressure is higher than mud pump pressure to the leak-proof filler and protect filler. You can’t close flush pump when the mud pump at work. Otherwise, it will quickly wear sealing portion. Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard plate is appropriate can influent mud pump lifespan.

Mud pump-maintenance
Construction sector should have specialized maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery. Regular inspection on mud pump and other machinery, maintenance to find problems can avoid downtime. You should pay attention to the size of the sediment particles. We must often check the mud pump wearing parts when large particles so that timely repair or replacement. Mainly fragile parts of mud pump is pump casing, bearings, impeller. The use of advanced anti-wear measures can improve the life of wearing parts, which reduces investment projects and increases productivity.

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