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Oilfield desander is equipment used to remove drilling cuttings and sand from mud in the mud purification system when mud returns to the ground. It is divided into two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic desander.

Mechanical oilfield desander is with shale shaker as the main part. Mud structure is destructed when it goes through the shale shaker, so that the drill cuttings and sand slid down from the sieve and mud flows down through the sieve mesh. Hydraulic-type mud desander mainly is mud cyclone desander. The mixture of mud and sand is pulled into the desander at the beginning. Because of the effect of centrifugal rotation, mud structure is destroyed, and drilling cuttings and sand flow from the hopper, mud flows from the upper of the container. Because oilfield desander has better effect than shale shaker, it is widely adopted in recent years in deep will drilling.

It is an important part of oilfield equipment. It is used to clear the remaining finer solid particles after the sieving of shale shaker so that the solid particles content is effectively controlled in drilling fluid. The application of oilfield desander greatly improves drilling speed, providing reliable protection to reduce drilling costs. And it can play a role in desanding mud in deep section.

Desander is the second stage of drilling solids control equipment, mainly used to remove harmful solid particles in 40-74μm size. Due to centrifugal sedimentation working principle, suspended particles can be separated from the liquid by centrifugal acceleration effects.

There are generally six models of oilfield desanders as JZQJ300 × 2, JZQJ250 × 2, JZQJ200 × 2 and JZQJ300 × 1, JZQJ250 × 1, JZQJ200 × 1, the former ones are applied to drilling rig more than 3000 meters, latters are suitable for small drilling rig and service rig below 3000 meters.

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