Oilfield Desilter Working Mechanism

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Desilter has excellent separation capacity, with a wide particle size separation range. There is an advanced small shale shaker screen in large processing capacity, low noise, long lifespan. Symmetrical liquid institutions mechanism of the oilfield desilter makes distribution reasonable and stable.

Desilter is designed according to the principles of particle settling. The separation medium sand fluid produces a certain pressure and speed through pump drilling, screwing into the cyclone along the inner wall of the swirler. Under the effect of centrifugal force and gravity, coarse particles spirally sink along the cyclone inner wall and are discharged from the bottom of oilfield desilter.  Later it is separated in the vibration sieve below, and the remaining medium goes up in the cyclone spiral.

There are some notes in the installation of desilter that Torlins would like to share.

1. Oilfield desilter should be installed after the mud cleaner, namely II end tank, and the base must be placed stable.

2. Oilfield desilter import and export pipelines should be connected with other devices with flexible oil pipeline, and minimize the length and turning.

3. The sieve tension should be in the right degree. The tension of the desilter should be smooth and wrinkle-free.

As for the Maintenance and caring of desilter, desilter manufacturer Torlins also has something to share.

  1. Newly purchased desilter must remove the screen box locking bolts  before first use.
  2. Oilfield desilter used for a long time should be cleaned with water circulation to prevent accumulation of dry sand inside.
  3. The vibration motor should get grease injection 1500 to 2500 hours per time, with each bearing 5 ~ 10ml fuel injection.
  4. After the shutdown of desilter, the screen should be cleaned to avoid sediment dryness.


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