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The solid control is also called solid state control system. The performance and quality of solid control is a key factors for solid state control technology. The solid control consists of drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electrical appliance control equipment.

solid control

Drilling fluid purification treatment equipment is made up of shale shake, desander, desilter, degasser, centrifugue, sand pump, mixer and other purification treatment equipment. In the sensitive area of environment protection, the solid control should be equipped with drilling chip recovery and waste liquid treatment device.

The development trend of solid control
At present, the solid control pay more attention to the equipment which have long service life, high efficiency, and small occupied area, such as desander, desilter, degasser. Also the integration of solid control equipment and high speed centrifuge achieves automatic detection and control according to the results of the implementation of the test.

solid control

Development of solid control equipment in China
In recent years, the theoretical research and manufacturing technology level of oilfield solid control equipment in China have great development, especially in theoretical research aspect, such as working principle of shale shake and cyclone. And they have kept pace with world advanced level. 
But there is a big gap between home and board in in the performance and service life of solid control, and mainly reflects in material, processing technology, processing precision and supporting the use of general equipment quality.


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