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Subsurface pump belongs to modern term. It is downhole tools which pump the oil in well to the ground powered by pumping unit. Normal subsurface pump consists of cylinder, suction valve, piston, valve excluded. According to fixed way, the subsurface pump can be divided into tube subsurface pump and rod subsurface pump.

Tube subsurface pump is also called the tubing pump. This machine usually assemble the outer cylinder, the bushing and the suction valve well and send them into well connect with the foot of oil pimp. Then you should use sucker rod transport the piston equipped with discharge valve to pump.

subsurface pump

The bushing was made into several sections by material. The piston is a hollow cylinder made of seamless steel pipe. Its outer surface with an annular groove is smooth. Its function is gathering the clearance sand consist in between piston and the bush to avoid clearance sand wearing and tearing piston and the bush. What’s more, the oil in groove acts as lubricating oil. In order to drain out the oil in oil pump, you can use fishing suction valve (fixed valve). It lets the buckle under the piston clamp the fishing head of suction valve. But, this pump is easily affected by the gas and reduce pump pump efficiency

Rod subsurface pump is also called insert subsurface pump. Drum set fixed bottom rod subsurface pump has internal and external working barrel. The outer working barrel is provided with a seat and a circlip (vertebral circlip position for the pump depth). When working, first, you should put the external working barrel into well. Then, you ought to connect the internal working barrel equipped with bushings, pistons with the bottom of sucker rod and send it to external working barrel fixed with circlip. There are other type of fixed rod subsurface pump. Such as the rod subsurface pump which fixed point stay in bottom of pump.


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