The Development of China Shale Shaker

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  • The Development of China Shale Shaker


Market problems and challenges of china shale shaker
Insufficient market demand. The recognition of shale shaker in our country mostly stayed in the 80's of last century. Many related industries still use human to select or use simple machine to screen. That reduces the demand on the oilfield shale shaker significantly in market. Also that make the development and innovation of china shale shaker not adequately.
Shortage of funds. There are many problem about the operation of the shortage of funds in china shale shaker industry generally. Due to related industry hasn’t enough knowledge on the shale shaker and fierce competition in the industry and other reasons, some regular shale shaker manufacturer has to drive down the sales profit, and reduce R & D funds and other investment. As a result of the sales profit and the investment of R & D funds, many manufacturers have a shortage of funds.

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The worries on the development of china shale shaker
Because of long lagging behind of technology, china shale shaker industry has difficult in meeting the many emerging industries demand.
The shale shaker manufacture has to face the task that how to develop china shale shaker industry. In twenty-first Century, due to the increasing opening up of China, some famous foreign enterprises continue to inject China Shale Shaker Market. At same time, only the domestic china shale shaker manufacture improve their production requirements, and constantly develop new vibration screening equipment, create high-quality after-sales service team, can they occupy some place in serious completion.

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