The Development of Oilfield Solid Control

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  • The Development of Oilfield Solid Control


In recent years, with the rapid development of economy in china, all kinds of industries have developed rapidly, and the solid control equipment has been developed rapidly. At present, the research and manufacturing technology level on domestic drilling fluid solid control equipment has improved in large degree. Especially in the aspect of making principle, such as shale shaker, hydrocyclone and other working principle.

There are few types of shale shaker. In the future, China will need to accelerate the development and innovation of dry shale shaker, a crawler type non vibration sieve analysis equipment, offshore drilling in marine environmental protection and other special solids control equipment and solid control supporting system which is suitable for various conditions. This will make China solid control equipment more complete.

oilfield solid control

At present, there is a big gap between the domestic and foreign solid control equipment in the field of function and life. And the Torlins as a professional solid control manufacturer thinks that the problem mainly shown on material, processing technology, processing accuracy and supporting the use of such problems. So the china solid control manufacturer should pay more attention to those aspect research.

The oilfield solid control system is a machine, which can control and separate the oil drilling fluid. And it can make the drilling fluid circulation, also known as a mud purification system. The whole solid control system is equipped with 5 stage purification equipment. The use of shale shaker, in addition to the sand removing mud cleaner, vacuum degassing device and a blender, new oil drilling mud purification system, reduces the mud discharge and protect environment obviously.

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