The Function of Centrifuge Equipment

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  • The Function of Centrifuge Equipment


An important indicator measured the separation performance of the centrifuge is the separation factor. Separation factors show ration of separated materials suffered centrifugal force in the drum and its gravity. The bigger separation factor can bring high speed separation and better result.

Another factor in determining the processing capability of the centrifuge drum is a work area. The large work area determine large capacity. Filtering centrifuges and decanter centrifuge mainly depend on increasing the diameter of the drum to achieve the purpose of expanding work area. In addition to the peripheral wall of the separator drum, separator also has additional work place.


More smaller solid particles cause more difficult in separating suspension. Fine particles taken away from the filtrate or separation fluid will increase. In that case, only the centrifuge has higher separation factor, can it separate effectively. Large suspension liquid viscosity will slow the speed of separation. Density difference in every element of suspensions or emulsions is good for centrifugal sedimentation. But suspension centrifugal filtration won’t require different density. 

When you choose the centrifuge, you should consider many factors, such as size and concentration of solid particles in suspension (or emulsion), density difference between solid and liquid (or two liquids), liquid viscosity, residue (or sediment) characteristics, separation requirements. When the centrifuge can meet the requirement that the degree of clarification of filtrate (liquid) and the residue (sediment) moisture content, you can choose a kind of centrifuge. Then, press capacity and automated operation determine centrifuge type and size. Finally, you should verify it by actual test.

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