The Maintenance of Shale Shaker

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  • The Maintenance of Shale Shaker


At the initial stage of operation, you should check the anchor bolts at least once a day to prevent loosening. Later you can check it regularly. Only keep the screen clean, can it get the best filtering effect. When clean screen, you can not stop. According to the different nature of the filter material, you should adapt suitable cleaning agent. 
When cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to use water to flush the motor to prevent leakage. Please cut off the power when not in use. You should clear dust on the surface of vibrating motor in time so as to be beneficial to the heat dissipation of the surface of the vertical vibration motor.

shale shaker 

Regular maintenance- shale shaker
You ought to check whether mesh and spring has fatigue and damage regularly and the shale shaker body is damaged due to vibration. When you check the shale shaker, you must cut off and locked power supply of the vibrating motor and give warning signs. And you should check whether the cable is damaged, including cut marks and wear, if there is any damage, you ought to replace it in a timely manner.

Before starting-shale shaker
Check whether the screen is damaged loose and if damaged, timely replacement.
The fastener is if loosened and otherwise tightened

shale shaker

Starting- shale shaker
Note that there is no abnormal noise
Three-phase current and three-phase voltage is balanced
No abnormal vibration

After using- shale shaker
Clean out every time if it is used.

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