Completion Tools

We have serials of completion tools, such as Hydraulic Anchor, Packer, NO/NC Valve, Centralizer and others. Multiple specification of completion tools fit for different requirement of completion operations. All the tools have related API, ISO certificate. QA & QC covers all the manufacture procedures to make sure that each tool we provide to our customer is with the best quality and conditions.

  • Hydraulic Anchor
    Hydraulic Anchor is mainly used in deep well acidification, fracture, water injection tubing string, completion tubing string of oil and gas wells, oil test of tubing string anchoring to prevent pressure fluctuations caused by the upper a lower packer peristaltic move, to avoid the oil tubing rising by discordance of upper and lower packer or the damage of lower packer. It can descend the hydraulic anchor to fix the tubing string so as to ensure the normal construction.
  • Packer
    The external casing packer is used for staged packing of open holes for further operation. The pressure opens the packer’s rubber for setting. It mainly consists of central pipe, rubber, open/close valve. The open valve is activated by enough pressure to demanding value, and then set the packer. More pressure shall activate the close valve to close the packer.
  • Centralizer
    A device fitted with a hinged collar and bowstrings to keep the casing or liner in the center of the wellbore to help ensure efficient placement of a cement sheath around the casing string. If casing strings are cemented off-center, there is a high risk that a channel of drilling fluid or contaminated cement will be left where the casing contacts the formation, creating an imperfect seal.