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DS series Auxiliary Brakes are newest electromagnetic eddy current brake system. Featured with higher force, no wearing parts, long life and easy to maintenance. Suitable for onshore or offshore drilling operations.



The DS series auxiliary brake were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. Adopted advance electromagnetic eddy current brake system. The whole system has no wearing parts, which could extend the life of brake system. At the same time, it will be easy to adjust the brake torque by change the exciting current, to control the drilling pipe speed. When the speed rate of brake lower to 5 r/min, it will reach 75% of the maximum brake torque, which is suitable for heavy load drilling pipe running. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, DS series of auxiliary brakes might be your best choice.


General Features

•  Air or water cooling system adopted
•  Advanced electromagnetic induction brake, no wearing parts.
•  Suitable for cold area and desert environment
•  Suitable for onshore or offshore rigs
•  High torque force, no wearing parts, long life, easy to maintenance


Main Paramaters

Rated Braking Torque: 12,500 N.m – 115,000 N.m ( 9,220 lbf.ft – 155,920 lbf.ft )
Maximum Excitation Power: 8.84 hp – 32.64 hp ( 6.5 KW – 24 KW )



AC Powered Top Drive

Model DQ-40E DQ-50E DQ-70ES DQ-40EQ DQ-20E
Rated Drilling Depth 4000m 5000m 7000m 4000m 2000m
Rated Load Capacities (ton) 250ton 350ton 500ton 250ton 1350kN
Power Supply 600VAC/50HZ 600VAC/50HZ 600VAC/50HZ 600VAC/50HZ 600VAC/50HZ
Rated Power (hp) 315W 375KW 295kw*2 375KW 250KW
Rotary Speed 0~180r/min 0~180r/min 0~230r/min 0~180r/min 0~180r/min
Drilling Torque(continuous) 0~ 33KN.m 40KN.m 55KN.m 0~ 40KN.m 26kN.m
Max.Torque of Break Out 50KN.m 60KN.m 82KN.m 60KN.m 39kN.m
Backup Tong Range 87~216mm 87~216mm 87~216mm 87~216mm 87~216mm
Hydraulic System Working pressure 16MPA 16MPA 16MPA 16MPA 16MPA
Rated Pressure of IBOP 70MPA 70MPA 70MPA 70MPA 70MPA
Mud Circulating Diameter 62mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 62mm
Rated Circulating Pressure 35MPA 35MPA 35MPA 35MPA 35MPA
Max.distance between Main Shaft Center and The Front End(in) 570mm 705mm 930mm 650mm 463mm
Main Body Height 4.8m 5m 5.5m 5.2m 4m
Ambient Temperature -45~55°C -35~55°C -35~55°C -35~55°C -45~55°C


Hydraulic Top Drive

Model DQ-40H DQ-20H
Drive model Hydraulic Hydraulic
Rated Drilling Depth(m) 4,000(114mm/drill pipe) 2,000(114mm/drill pipe)
Rated Load Capacities (ton) 250 150
Power Supply 380VAC/50HZ 380VAC/50HZ
Rated Power (hp) 540 400
Rotary Speed (RPM) 0-180 0-180
Drilling Torque(continuous)(lbf.ft) 25,800 18,500
Max.Torque of Break Out (lbf.ft) 36,000 36,000
Backup Tong Range (in) 3-1/2~10-1/2 3-1/2~10-1/2
Hydraulic System Working pressure (Psi) 5,000 5,000
Assistant Hydraulic System Working Pressure (Psi) 2,280 2,280
Rated Pressure of IBOP (Psi) 10,000 10,000
Mud Circulating Diameter (in) 2002/1/2 2002/1/2
Rated Circulating Pressure(Psi) 5,000 5,000
Max.distance between Main Shaft Center and The Front End(in) 23.1 23.1
Main Body Height 3.8m 3.6m
Ambient Temperature -35~55°C -35~55°C

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