Safety Joint

AJ series Safety Joints are installed on the position required for subsurface drill stem. Suitable for onshore or offshore drilling operations.


The AJ series safety joints were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. Installed on the position required for subsurface drill stem, the safety joint can bear all kinds of loads for pulling or pressing also be used to transmit torque in fishing operation. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, AJ series safety joints might be your best choice.


General Features

•  Suitable for cold area and desert environment
•  Suitable for onshore or offshore rigs
•  Multiple choices for different operation


Main aramaters

Outside Diameter: 3-1/2” – 6-5/8” (89 mm – 203 mm)


Model O.D. (mm) I.D. (mm) Connection
AJ 89 89 15 NC26
AJ 95 95 20 NC26
AJ105 105 30 NC31
AJ 121 121 38 NC38
AJ 159 159 50 NC46, NC50
AJ 165 165 50 NC46, NC50
AJ 178 178 57 NC50, 5-1/2FH
AJ 203 203 71.4 6-5/8 REG

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