Fishing Tools

We have serials of fishing tools, such as Overshot, Fishing Spear, Junk Basket, Mill and others. Multiple specification of fishing tools fit for different requirement of fishing operations. All the tools have related API, ISO certificate. QA & QC covers all the manufacture procedures to make sure that each tool we provide to our customer is with the best quality and conditions.

  • Fishing Spear
    Fishing Spear is a melee weapon which can be found near bodies of water. It is available in specific locations, such as near an abandoned tent at the beach and also near in-land water spots. Fishing Spear can be thrown, and can also be used in a thrusting fashion in all directions. It is a useful alternative to the bow for fishing from land if you wish to preserve arrows. It cannot be used while swimming, however, so it's limited thrusting range from the shoreline can make spearfishing a bit time consuming. Because you can thrust Fishing Spear at a low angle and run at the same time it is very well suited for hunting lizards, rabbits, and birds, unlike weapons like axes which force the player to stop completely while swinging them towards the ground.
  • Junk Basket
    Junk Basket is designed to remove small pieces of junk such as bit cones, hand tools, slips from the bottom of well. Its unique feature is utilizing the principle of reverse fluid circulation. Moreover, it can be used as a special coring tool. During operation, with the steel ball dropped into the valve seat, fluid flow in a continuous stream to the center of the tool and up through return ports in the upper end of the barrel, all junk is thus carried into the barrel above the junk catcher.
  • Safety Sub
    Safety sub provides an additional safety feature at surface and to a predetermined depth in the wellbore. Safety sub utilises a spring which when in a non compressed state closes off the path for the explosive train preventing the detonation transferring through the device. The spring is always in a non compressed state at surface. As the device is run into the wellbore, hydrostatic pressure causes the spring to compress and allows alignment of the detonation path. When retrieved from the wellbore the reduction in hydrostatic pressure allows the spring to uncompress and close the detonation path once again. This system does not rely on temperature as a means of safety, unlike other systems on the market. Temperature dependent systems can have limited use caused by high surface temperatures, or more importantly, when bottom mounted on long gun strings in which the geothermal gradient exceeds the safety factor whilst guns are still being made up at surface.
  • Junk Mill
    Junk Mill is used to grind downhole small fallen objects and other unstable fallen objects. The Junk Mill we supply is choosing the best special hard alloy which are High hardness, good red hardness, high wear resistance. Use special welding technology. Long service life.
  • Fishing Tap
    The LGZ series fishing tap were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. The fishing tap is a kind of special tools which could make thread on the inside surface of tubular shaped objects, such as drilling pipes, tubings and others. It has been designed to retrieve tubular tools from the well bore, such as tubing, drill -pipe, wash-over pipe, packer, water flow allocator, down-hole production allocator, especially suitable for fishing objects accompanied with couplings. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, LGZ series fishing tap might be your best choice.
  • Cone Fisher
    Cone fisher is one special tool for fishing objects such as drill bit cone dropped in hole during drilling or work over operation. With strong grinding force, cone fisher is suitable for the fishing and coring in hard formation. We offer various cone fisher and also supplies highly customized cone fisher as per customer's requirements.
  • Reversing Tool
    Reversing tool is used to unscrew and recover sections of right-hand strings of pipe that are stuck or lodged in the well. Using the reversing tool on right-hand drill pipe or tubing eliminates the need for a complete string of left-hand pipe to recover lost tubing or drill pipe string. A combination of planetary gearing and anchoring systems, the reversing tool is capable of converting right-hand torque from the surface to a powerful left-hand torque below the tool to the fish. After engaging the fish and setting the reversing tool, left-hand torque is developed slowly below the tool until the fish is unscrewed and recovered. The tool can be released from its setting and disengaged from the fish if necessary. Internal diameters give complete freedom to perform other fishing operations, such as washing down, engaging and disengaging the fish, and releasing the tool and the fish.
  • Fishing Hook
    A fishing hook or fishhook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. Fish hooks have been employed for centuries by fishermen to catch fresh and saltwater fish. Fish hooks are normally attached to some form of line or lure device which connects the caught fish to the fisherman. There is an enormous variety of fish hooks in the world of fishing. Sizes, designs, shapes, and materials are all variable depending on the intended purpose of the fish hook. Fish hooks are manufactured for a range of purposes from general fishing to extremely limited and specialized applications. Fish hooks are designed to hold various types of artificial, processed, dead or live baits (bait fishing); to act as the foundation for artificial representations of fish prey (fly fishing); or to be attached to or integrated into other devices that represent fish prey (lure fishing).
  • Overshot
    Overshot, a new type of fishing tool, has many strengths owned by various overshot. Though most overshot is applied in fishing, the overshot also can be used for coil tubing or drill pipe operations. When the overshot is used in conjunction with drill pipe or in certain coil tubing operations it can be released by right hand rotation. Overshot, is fitted with threads or another shape that "swallows" the fish and does not release it as it is pulled out of the hole. Overshot is also fitted with a crude drilling surface at the bottom, so that the overshot may be lightly drilled over the fish, sometimes to remove rock or metallic junk that may be part of the sticking mechanism.