Junk Basket

LL series Junk Basket are designed to remove small pieces of junk from the bottom of well. Suitable for onshore and offshore fishing operations.


The LL series junk basket were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. Reverse circulating junk basket is designed to remove small pieces of junk such as bit cones, hand tools, slips, and others from the bottom of well. It also could be used as a special coring tool. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, LL series junk basket might be your best choice.


General Features

•  Suitable for cold area and desert environment
•  Suitable for onshore or offshore operations
•  Wide range of selection for different operations


Main aramaters

Sleeve OD: 3-1/2” – 15” (89 mm - 381 mm)



Type Size
Bore Size
LL-102 4 117.5-123.8 27/8REG
LL-114 4-1/2 130.2-149.2 31/2REG
LL-127 5 152.4-161.9 31/2REG
LL-140 5-1/2 165.1-190.5 31/2REG
LL-168 6-5/8 193.7-215.9 41/2REG
LL-178 7 219-244.5 41/2REG
LL-219 9-5/8 244.5-288.9 65/8REG
LL-245 9-5/8 292.1-330.2 65/8REG

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