Iron Roughneck

TZ series Iron Roughnecks are advanced automatic make-up/break-out equipment, mostly used in drilling string operations. Suitable for onshore and offshore drilling operations.



The TZ series iron roughneck were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. Modular designed with simple structure, the iron roughneck is easy to transport and maintenance. Suitable for make-up/break-out operation for drilling string such as drilling pipe, drilling collar, and other drilling tools with diameter range of 3-1/2” – 9-5/8”. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, YG series of hook blocks might be your best choice.


General Features

•  Manufactured according to API 7K
•  Suitable for cold area and desert environment
•  Suitable for onshore and offshore rigs
•  Both remote control and direct control available


Main Paramaters

Clamp Range: 3-1/2” – 9-5/8” ( 88.9 mm – 245 mm )
Maximum Break-out Torque: 163 kN.m ( 120,000 lbs.ft )
Maximum Make-up Torque: 140 KN.m ( 103,000 lbs.ft )



Clamp OD Range 3-1/2 DP ~ 9-5/8 DC
Max. Make-up Torque 163kN.m (120 kft.lbs)
Max. Break-out Torque 140kN.m (103 kft.lbs)
Spinner Speed 60-70r/min (5" DP)
Horizontal Travel 1400mm(55")
Vertical Travel 700mm(27.5")
Horizontal Move Angle ±45º
Vertical Move Angle ±10º
Spinner Angle 27º
Spinner Torque 4kN.m (2900ft.lbs)
Dimension 2090*1590*4050 mm
82" * 63" * 160"

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