Pumping Equipment

We supply the oil pumping system which mainly consist of Beam Pumper, Oil Well Pump, and Rod. The system adopt traditional design, which has been proved by time, will make sure the reliability and stability. All serials of pumping equipment fit for different capacity of production and environment circumstances. All the equipment have related API, ISO certificate. 

  • Subsurface Pump
    Applied in sucker-rod pumping work on the positive displacement principle, subsurface pump is of the cylinder and piston type. Their basic parts are the working barrel (cylinder), the plunger (piston), and two ball valves. The valve affixed to the working barrel serves as a suction valve and is called the standing valve. The other valve, contained in the plunger, serves as a discharge valve and is called the traveling valve. These valves operate like check valves and their opening and closing during the alternating movement of the plunger provides a means to displace well fluids to the surface.
  • Sucker Rod
    A sucker rod is a steel rod, typically between 25 and 30 feet (7 to 9 meters) in length, and threaded at both ends, used in the oil industry to join together the surface and downhole components of a reciprocating piston pump installed in an oil well. The pump jack is the visible above-ground drive for the well pump, and is connected to the downhole pump at the bottom of the well by a series of interconnected sucker rods. Sucker rods are also commonly available made of fiberglass in 37 1/2 foot lengths and diameters of 3/4, 7/8, 1, and 1 1/4 inch. These are terminated in metallic threaded ends, female at one end and male at the other.
  • Polished Rod
    Polished rod is an important part for connecting pump unites to sucker rod string in rod-pumping system. WE provides all kinds of polished rod, which is featured with high strength, good toughness, smooth surface, and long service life. Low - and medium - alloy steel polished rods with an excellent surface finish to ensure the proper seal in the stuffing box, produced under API standards for lengths up to 36 ft. Polished, chromed and metalized options available.
  • Pumper
    The CYJ series pumper (Pumping Unit) were developed to provide the market with more reliable technology and more hoisting performance. Pumpers are commonly used for rod oil extraction. We supply conventional walk beam pumper, energy saving walking beam pumper and non-beam pumper for different requirement. Featured with high reliability, easy to operate and long service life. Included but not limited by the advantages mentioned, CYJ series pumper (Pumping Unit) might be your best choice.